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Xiaomi 4pcs SOOCAS Replacement Toothbrush Heads for SOOCAS / Xiaomi SOOCARE X3 Electric Toothbrush SOOCARE X3 Tooth Brush Heads

Color: 4pcs White


1. Ultrasonic electric toothbrush can effectively remove plaque and reduce gingival necrosis. 2. The appearance of the 3D brush adapts to the luster of the teeth. The small and delicate brush head is easy to touch inside your mouth. 3. Adopt DuPont American tynex classic 0.152mm bristles, brush approved by FDA and UV sterilized. 4. Vacuum packaging, medical safety standards. 5. This type is suitable for people who smoke or drink coffee. 6. Suitable for soocare X3 and soocas X3 electric toothbrushes.


Brand: Soocas Package weight: 0.097 kg Product size (length x width x height) 1.20x2.00x8.90 cm / 0.47x0.79x3.5 inches Package size (length x width x height) 14.00x10.20x3.80 cm/5.51x4.02x1.5 inches Color:Black/White

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2pcs SOOCASToothbrush Heads (Black Color )

Product Show

2pcs SOOCASToothbrush Heads (White Color )

Product Detail

about SOOCASToothbrush Heads

about installation

Snap-in design, easy installation. The brush can be vertically inserted into the grip, easy to clean and replace

Soocare X3 Replacement Electric Toothbrush Head

3D cambered brush appearance fits the radian of your teeth. Small and exquisite brush head is easy to touch the inside of smoking or drinking coffee

SOOCAS X3 Replacement Toothbrush Head

The double cambered bristles fit your curve, can reach the deep of your tooth gap that the manual toothbrush cannot reach, it is suitable for your daily tooth cleaning Classic black.

With Dupont soft bristle

Adopting American Dupont Tynex Classic 0.152mm bristle, the brush is approved by FDA and sterilized by UV light. We ensure that every brush head is safe and sanitary

Vacuum package, strict selection and control

We suggest you to replace the brush regularly to care for your oral health

American Dupont soft bristles

We adopt American Dupont Typnex Classic 0.152mm soft bristles. All series of the brush heads are approved by FDA .Every brush head is sterilized by UV light ,and packaged by vacuum package, we ensure that every brush head is safe and sanitary

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