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New Laser Watch Improve Blood Cycle Blue Yellow Light Kill Bacteria Anti inflammation Light Anti depression Promotes Vitamin D LootDash

Color: WatchLaser-Ear Nose

New Laser Watch Improve Blood Cycle Blue Yellow Light Kill Bacteria Anti-inflammation Light Anti-depression Promotes Vitamin D




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Red Laser Activate Metabolism: Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Blood Flow

Increasing age and an unhealthy lifestyle enhance the possibility that cholesterol and other blood fats build up on vessel

walls and thus impair the oxygen and nutrient supply to our organs.

Vasoconstriction leads to metabolic and microcirculation disorders which in turn result in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular

diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke etc.

Laser light activates different enzymes and decomposes redundant fat in the bloodstream. It increases the oxygen amount

in the blood, boosts metabolism and enhances the process of lipid peroxidation to reduce cholesterol in the vessels.
Main Technical Parameter: Application:
Laser output: 19 diodes Hypertension
( 10x Watch, 7x Pad, 2x Nasal Applicator) Diabetes mellitus
8pcs blue light + 11pcs red light High blood viscosity
Output power: 2-5mW C holestrol
Light: Red laser and blue led together. Chronic pain syndromes
Relieve tensions
Prevent Thrombosis, Heart Attack and Stroke
Prevent Thrombosis, Heart Attack and Stroke.
The risk of thrombosis is especially high during long-distance flights or long car journeys due to the limited room to move.
The sitting posture causes a decrease of blood flow in the veins which might then lead to fluid retention and thrombosis.
A thrombosis is a blood clot in a vein. If it dissolves and reaches the lungs it can result in lung embolism.
Because of the air pressure fluctuation, low humidity and little fluid intake there is an increased risk of heart attacks and
heart and circulatory problems for patients with cardiac diseases.
A heart attack is a persistent circulation disorder and is caused in most cases by a blood clot which can cause a closure of
the coronary arteries. Many cardiac muscle cells are dying during a heart attack and influence the functionality if this vital organ.
Stroke is caused by clogged blood vessels and bleeding in the brain. Low cabin pressure and physical inactivity during the
flight might present possible risk factors.
A scientific research has already demonstrated the blood flow-increasing effects of the Laser Watch.

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Our Company
Wuhan Guangdun Technology Co.,LTD is a laser medical device manufacture
located in Wuhan,Hubei Province of China-- Optical Valley.
As a "Laser & Acupuncture”laser medical high-tech enterprise, we establish our own brand-- LASPOT.
Which Including wrist-type laserwatch therapeutic instruments.
LLLT pain relieve therapy device.
laser acupuncture pain management therapy device
Nasal-type semiconductor laser therapeutic instruments.
Vaginal therapy device.
CES insomnia therapy device.
Skin Beauty therapy device.
Our products are approved by TUV 0197 CE, ISO 13485,
ISO9001 CFDA Which Make contribution to the worldwide Laser therapy industry.

Customers over the world

customers weber medical
Packing & Delivery
We packing by standard air shipment cartons.
We Choose air fast express shipment. Including DHL/Fedex/ TNT/ UPS/EMS etc.
It cost 1-2 days to Hk. Then from HK to customer door all over the world around 3-7 working days.
1. Where are the radial artery, Neiguan acupoint, nasal cavity, Daling acupoint and ulnar artery?
And how to wear and use it?
First Step: Wear the main machine on the inner side of the left wrist, and keep the key surface of the
main machine parallel to the first cross grain, so as to ensure the laser irradiates radial artery and neiguan
acupoint precisely; and then fasten the wrist belt without slide.

bio laser therapy

Second Step:
Insert the nose laser wire in the jack of the main machine,
wear a nasal cap for this laser wire then can start treatment.

wrist type laser watch

2. What's the treatment course?
As a general patents, Twice per day, 30 minutes for each time, 7-10 days for one treatment session. After
7- 10 days,Stop one or two days, Then, continue for next session.No any side effects under the long-term
use. During the treatment, drink more, eat more vegetables .
3. Why Irradiation Radia artery?
1) The position of radial artery is more superficial compared with other parts of the body.
2) Radial artery is closer to the heart and its blood flow is larger. Blood goes through the radial artery
around every 8 minutes.
3) Radial artery is easy to touch and locate, which runs along vein, so laser energy can be easily absorbed
by blood cells to ensure good effect.
4. Why Irradiation Neiguan Acupoint?
1) Neiguan Acupoint can adjust the abnormal heart rate in a bidirectional way, so the high heart rate can be
slowed down and the low heart rate can be accelerated.
2) Neiguan Acupoint can increase the blood flow of coronary artery in acute myocardial ischemia.
3) Neiguan acupoint can strengthen myocardial contractility and improve cardiac function.
5. Why Irradiation Nasal cavity?
The location of nasal cavity is close to brain which is the center of human bosy.
Abudant vessels and nerve systems are distributed under the nasal cavity.
60% blood flow of nasal mucosa goes through arteries and vein, and blood goes through nasal cavity at
around 3 minutes.
6. Are you manufacture and what's the Warranty?
Wuhan Guangdun technology Co.,ltd Is real this machine manufacture and located in Optical valley,
Wuhan,China. OEM, ODM always warmly welcome!
All our machine One year freely warranty, and lifetime maintenance.