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Tang Orange Drink Mix, 72oz Cannister (makes 22 qts.) 2Packs


Tang Orange drink mix is the refreshing citrus drink that is a favorite among kids and teens. This orange-flavored beverage has a strong, fruity taste. It's very simple to mix up a quart or two to serve to your kid's baseball team or at kids' sleepover. It's also a great choice for those hot summer days spent mowing the grass or hanging around poolside. Adults also enjoy the crisp, classic orange flavor because it brings back childhood memories with every sip.

What are the Main Ingredients in Tang Orange Drink Mix?

The main ingredients in this Tang Orange drink mix include sugar and citrus flavoring. Each glass has only 90 calories and zero grams of fat, which is less than carbonated sodas or other sport's drinks. Plus, it is fortified with 100% vitamin C which may help boost immune systems.

How Much Tang Drink Can This Container Make?

This large cannister can make up to 22 quarts of delicious orange-flavored drink which means you can get nearly 90 glasses of citrus-flavored bevarge out of this Tang drink mix container. All that you need to start your enjoyment is a pitcher and some water. The included scoop will make it very easy to mix up a few quarts.

Is Tang Mix Kosher?

For those families that eat a kosher diet, Tang juice powder is 100% allowed on the menu. This fruit beverage is a kosher way to give your kids an entire day's worth of vitamin C. it can be a great drink at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can even freeze it a little to make an orange slush. This product does contain sugar, so it's not recommended for people trying to limit their sugar intake.

Make sure that you keep a canister of Tang on hand in your pantry. You may find that you are suddenly hosting a troop meeting or impromptu sleepover and need something to keep your little ones hydrated. Serve it at birthday parties instead of serving sodas or other carbonated beverages. Since adults also like the Tang juice flavors, you could even bring it to your next barbeque event.