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How To Save Money Instantly On Travel In 2020

How To Save Money Instantly On Travel In 2020

Introducing Lootbana meets Vanfli

We Not Only Save You Money But Also We Keep Your Family Safe.

Safe Rentals while navigating COVID-19  We have enhanced our cleaning policy for you and your family safety while saving you money earn 15% Off your first booking added to your next trip with Vanfli.


Whats Vanfli?

 For the avid traveler or spontaneous Rv goer with our ease of use rental experience from reservation to return. Unlike conventional rv rental companies, Vanfli offers: A premium luxurious and safe ride : We are an experience not a company you use from time to time.

How Do I Earn Rewards?

Drive and earn Loot 2 cent’s per every dollar spent at Vanfli. Earn even more loot rewarded on selected Lootbana purchases.

What Type Of Vehicles Does Vanfli Offer?

When you book a Rv with Vanfli you get a the highest premium vehicle, expect a luxury, New to late-model Mercedes, Prevost, Newell and more every single time– that's the Vanfl promise. Check out our car rental fleet.

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